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Supporters from 46 states and counting are standing with PPINK -- see what they're saying!


  • "This is in honor of the poor decision made by our Governor, Mitch Daniels."
  • "I'm helping to pick up where the government left off."
  • "I'm sending this gift as my response to the Indiana's legislative war on PPINK and on Hoosier women."
  • "Keep up the good fight!"
  • "I'm proud to divert a little of my taxpayer-funded salary back to where it belongs -- supporting access to health care for low-income Indiana women."
  • "You do good work."


  • "This is in response to efforts to cut government funding."


  • "This gift is prompted by Gov. Mitch Daniels' shortsighted, sexist policies."
  • "This is in honor of the women of Indiana who deserve to have a choice. Please use this donation to offset the loss of state funding."


  • "As a Notre Dame student in the early 90s, I was grateful for Planned Parenthood in South Bend and so were scores of other women. At a time when condom machines in bars created controversy, Planned Parenthood was a bastion of women's reproductive health. I was very nervous at my first visit - so nervous my blood pressure was too high to get a prescription! I'll never forget the kind and welcoming women who worked there. I thought about them this morning as I read in the Seattle Times that your State Legislature wants to cut funding to Indiana's Planned Parenthood. My gratitude is overdue, but the timing is right: something positive coming out of a hostile action towards women's health."
  • "To offset HB 1210 passed by the Indiana Legislature."

New York

  • "This gift is to counteract Gov. Mitch Daniels."
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